#ToMB2 – Month 1

I seem to have lost my “Month 0” post so for those that missed it; Tale of Malifaux Bloggers is a bunch of miscreants who play Malifaux and have stupidly agreed to share their progress as they build, paint and play with a new master and crew.

In this case I’m going for the man on a horse himself, Lucas McCabe.

Mr McCabe is one of Malifaux’s dual-faction masters, meaning he can be taken both as a member of the Guild or as Ten Thunders. I’ll be focusing primarily on the latter, but I suspect I may dip into some of the guild models when I run out of Ten Thunders options. I now have a rather “healthy” collection of around 70 painted 10T miniatures, which doesn’t leave a massive amount of models left to paint! Hopefully some of my proxies should be replaced soon with official models at least so I can paint some shiny new plastic versions of models I already use.

So below we have the Lucas McCabe crew box, I’ve subbed out his usual totem (Luna) for the generic 10T version, the Kamaitachi. The reason for this is that the Kamaitachi is simply brilliant with McCabe and will be seeing a whole lot more games than Luna. This makes me a little sad as the model for Luna is lovely (unlike my proxy weasel!). I’ll be adding Luna at a later date no doubt, even if it’s just to paint the model. I’ve also included a couple more proxies for month 1 in the form of two Guild Austringers. These can be taken by McCabe in both factions thanks to his “Infiltration” ability and they’re far too good not to take in most games!

I’ll be following up with a further post about my first few games with McCabe in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled if you’re curious what he does and how he does it (and also how bad I am!) 

I’ve tried to keep a unified colour scheme across the crew with a deep red and khaki / cream. It seems to keep them all tied-in nicely, although I’m sure I do the red differently each time as I experiment, so I dread to think what latter models will turn out like..

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