Painting Tuition

My passion in life is miniature painting – I live, breathe and drink painting and believe that it’s a skill that can be taught and shared. I’ve been painting for 25+ years and I’ve been incredibly fortunate because I now get to paint for some of my favourite miniature companies & studios.

With that in mind I’ve come up with an original (I think!) idea to offer painting tuition to fit in around people’s busy lives. As great as it is to be able to attend a painting class, it has the issue of needing time away from home and is usually restricted to the items on the agenda. This works for some people, but for others who have specific areas they wish to improve it can be a bit limiting.

What I offer is designed solely for those people who are serious about improving their painting skills and will offer a personal coaching / tuition service that will probably surprise you with how effective it is. This is something I’ve done for my friends for some time and I’ve already seen some pretty crazy results, so I know it works. 

What you get is access to a dedicated painting chat group (via Facebook messenger currently). This group is focused on painting and will often be a great stream of resource (even without any input from me!). Members will share pictures of their work, ask questions about certain techniques or request / share painting recipes. On top of this I’ll endeavour to answer any questions on top of those shared by others and help foster a great social group of like-minded individuals. It also features helpful opinions on products and really useful tips!

Additionally I’ll be available to offer any advice, critiques and help via one-to-one messages. Some people prefer to only use the group chat for this, but others may wish to keep work secret. This is your chance to get help directly if you’re struggling and I’ll do my best to get back to you with practical stuff (we don’t do vague!).

On top of that I’m slowly adding to a page which contains all my techniques and methods as a resource. This is great for reference and will be added to as people request specific tutorials. This will only be available to those being coached.

As well as this we have regular Skype painting sessions to chat and talk painting whilst we paint. These are currently once or twice a month but will increase as the group grows.

Lastly for those who are really serious about improving I also offer tailored lesson plans, which include one-on-one Skype lessons. These are aimed for those who really want to master techniques and the lessons will include critique sessions and feedback aimed for conquering the areas you might find challenging already.

In conclusion this is an opportunity to start breaking some serious painting ground for a very low financial cost. A year of coaching from me costs less than some painting courses and you’ll be getting much more of my time over that year than you would in the course. I’ll also be able to teach whatever you want to learn in your own hobby time. What’s not to love?! Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or check out

  Above is one of the pictures I’m most proud of – I didn’t paint the model, it’s the result of me coaching someone to really master painting leather (something he was struggling with). The end result was this awesome piece of work on the belt.